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So I have an option of starting Playball classes for M in his daycare. I know that M loves to play catch these days and run around, so I’m almost thinking about enrolling him into these playball classes. Then I wanted to research further about how it will help him once he is enrolled.

As I think about it more and more, I am inclined to enroll M in this.

I am looking forward to comments from other parents on what their thoughts are, but personally I feel this could be a fabulous start to introduce sports in my child’s life.

This is what I found out.

Playball apparently creates a structured environment where children in different age groups (even M’s age group 2 to 3 years) are exposed to a variety of sport and movement skills, with the focus on small groups in order to provide special attention to each individual.

What’s nice is you can continue playing at any age and progress from an informal introduction to ball and motor skills to a more structured participation.

The 2-5 year old focus more on motor development (muscle tone, dominancy, bilateral symmetry and mid-line crossing) and motor skills (coordination, balance, timing, spatial orientation).

The 6-9 year olds actually begin to play the following sports:  tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, baseball and cricket.

Playball consists of various stages- each offering the relevant age group a program focusing on its specific development level.

Positive coaching methods are used to develop life skills like independence, self confidence, courage, discipline, concentration and listening skills, good sportsmanship, responsibility and social interaction.

Many traditional games or sport’s programs are based on the success or failure principle. Many poorly skilled or young children never know the excitement and satisfaction of success.  Playball allows each child to respond to physical activities intheir own unique way.

The evauation of success is made at once by the child and as one small success is added to another, one new skill to another, the child will grow in their ability to listen, follow instructions and become a more alert, confident, sharing individual.

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