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A “Storied” Home

“By providing a more “storied” home, you will become a more creative, communicative family” Lisa Lipkin; Author of Bring the Story Home: The complete guide to storytelling for parents.

Just a book is nothing at all these days. With all the sales going on I could only be happy after I bought  Eleven books for M. These nice little picture books, each telling a simple story are just so cute to look at. Imagine snuggling with your child under the blankets and being all cozy with a cup of cocoa and just reading, while your child listens and looks at you and the book.

Yeah, but for me right now, It’s only Imagine !! My child is very high spirited toddler who just cannot stand still for a minute. While going through some of the parenting resources, I came across this article that I think will really come handy. I’m posting a link to it here if you are interested.

It’s Story Time By Alice Sterling Honig, PhD

Here’s another article I thought that was particularly good for us Mom’s who may fancy inventing stories and rely more and more often on their imagination and creativity than external devices to entertain.

Mommy, Tell me a Story! By Jill U Adams

One of the ideas that I really liked from one of the article I linked to above, is to get a few magazines, cut up a few pictures and build a story together. For instance a boy eating ice-cream or a girl chasing bubbles or froggies jumping in the lake…I’m sure you could whip up something yummy and this could be such a great game to play as well at a Birthday party or something, wouldn’t it?

Pictures of a few book I bought today.

Have a great day !!

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