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My first decorated cake – Fish themed – Chocolate cake with Buttercream Icing

So, it was my friend’s daughter’s two year birthday. The theme was fishes ! It was really cute, in the spirit of the birthday theme, my friend cut out colored foam boards in fish shapes and stuck them to the wall. The balloons had fins and tails. Very chic. She even got her daughter interested in learning the names of different fishes and her little 2 year star could name all of them at the party. That’s exactly the way to go, teach your little ones creatively. Think outside the box – Isn’t it?

So my little task was to make a fish themed cake.

I have made chocolate cake before – actually that’s the only way I like my cake – with chocolate in it. Not fruity, not nutty…..just plain chocolatey. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting….hmm too much chocolate for some, Perhaps !!

But anyways, since I had to use colors, I couldn’t play with cocoa in my frosting, so my frosting was just plain good quality heavy cream, butter and confectioner’s sugar. Sprinkled a little bit of blue food color – just a tiny bit and there was my aqua blue icing/ frosting.That was my Ocean. I coated the cake with this frosting and let it fall down like water would fall.

We made 2 batches of icing – if we beat the hell out of the cream i just described above with an electric beater, the water from the cream separates out and you get these lumps of cream instead. I used this batch for making corals. Funny thing is, this happened accidentally; in the spirit of beating the cream to a nice consistency my hubby ended up beating it for too long and too hard until we discovered that it was no longer usable as cake frosting. But that was the origin and the story behind the corals. Sprinkled some colored sugar crystals on the corals and it looked pretty.

I had some colored decorating icing cones; I used them to draw fishes and then I painted some goldfish crackers red. They were my little fishes and Voila that was my cake !!

Verdict  – The cream tasted fresh and soft – right amount of sweetness. What I like about baking my own cakes and making my own frosting is that I know exactly what goes in it – good quality ingredients and the freshness !! No – buying a cake is out of question !!

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