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A Diaper cake, a baby to celebrate.

These days almost every baby shower has a center piece diaper cake. I got a chance to make one for a neighbor’s baby shower. This was some time in July or August last year, so uploading this picture is long overdue….but I just came across the photograph in my pictures folder and thought that maybe I should upload it.

This took me just about 20-30 minutes to make, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

A baby is really a huge bundle of joy and a baby shower symbolizes the celebration of the rich joyful moments that the parents to-be are soon going to experience. In different parts of the world it is celebrated differently. The one I was familiar with, the way it is celebrated in Maharashtra is the mom-to-be sits on a swing; the swing is decorated with fresh flowers, the mom-to-be wears a beautiful green saree and the other women sing songs, there might be dances too. It is more or less a women – only event there. There are exceptions here in the USA, where yes, guys attend baby showers too; not that they enjoy it much really, but frankly it is a celebration for both the daddy-to-be and the mommy-to-be, the care taking responsibilities are equally shared by both and hence it only makes sense that the party should be in the honor of both….ha-ha, i know many of you will disagree…..please spare me and all, but that’s the way i feel; esp after experiencing how much help A has been these 2 past years.

Talking about baby showers, I’m about to attend one this Saturday and am very very excited for my friend and her family. Green and White is the theme, now I have to go hunt my closet.

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