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A Mean Son?

Today evening, we just wanted to go hang out at our regular Barnes & Nobles; they have a standard kids area and all – So, ofcourse M loves it there.

As M & I were reading the story of two little duckies, a 4th grader girl came and sat very comfortably with M& I. I continued to read the story with the impression that maybe she was interested in listening to the story. But, not really.

Instead she started a story of her own, how she was there with her grandmom & has 2 sisters; the youngest being around 2. And then she asks me is your son mean to you? I was surprised by the question. I asked her, why do you ask?

She replied and said – well my two year old pulls my hair all the time and evertime I sit to watch TV, she comes and blocks my view and gives me a big grin.

So I tell her – well they are small, you know and they don’t understand completely that you are annoyed, but they do that mostly to get your attention. Your younger sister loves you a lot, that’s why she does that.

Then she told me – Well thanks for explaining it to me, everytime I complain to my mom, my mom just tells me, “You just have to wait; it will be fine.” And then her grandmom came and got her.

I was just sitting there trying to recapture the whole thing; it just occurred to me that kids need better answers than “It’s Fine”; “It will be OK” etc.. Other than the fact that I really enjoyed talking to the 4th Grader, I learnt that as my son grows, I need to make sure that I spend time in giving him satisfying and meaningful answers.

It is just so important in their Development !!

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