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Carrot – Beet Burger Patties

This one is inspired from my sister-in-law and worked out perfect for a day like today.

If you have kids, you know the mess that they can make is unimaginable – blocks, trains, puzzles, books, monkeys, crayons…it really is never ending. Today morning, while the hubby slept and M munched on his breakfast, I thought I’ll get organizing M’s stuff. Nothing, absolutely nothing was in its spot. Generally, I just leave his stuff alone – It is his Room – It will be messy and it actually looks nice and bright like that – all the colors. But today was the Vacuum day…so all of it had to go.

Anyways, with so many chores to attend, you really don’t want to make anything extravagant, but you deserve something good. So before I started cleaning, I did some prep – I loaded my veggies on the pressure cooker, added a weight and let a good number of 7-8 whistles go.

When I finished cleaning, all I did was mashed the veggies together, whisked in some spices, tossed them in Sooji and they were on the griddle getting cooked.


2 medium sized potatoes

1 medium sized Beet

2 carrots

Some spinach leaves

Spices – Cilantro powder, Cumin powder, Red Chili powder

Salt to taste, Ginger-Garlic paste, Shredded cheese (if you like)

Some Rava (Sooji), in which you can toss the patties before they go on the griddle


Since I was time crunched, I just let a few more whistles go on the pressure cooker. So the Veggies were really soft and mashable (is that a word?) But if they are not, you could grate them. Actually my sister-in-law did grate the carrots and the beets and the potatoes.

I just added the ginger garlic paste, shredded cheese, salt, spices to the mashed veggies. I’m not a measurement queen at all, so I just added what I felt looked appropriate for the quantity.

I formed patties- you can actually shape these the way you like – think hearts for Valentine – they will actually look beautiful with the Red beet color ..mmm !! Roll then in Sooji and slap them on the Griddle. Let them cook until they are golden and hold together.

We just made double patty burgers with fat free cheese and light Mayo. A quick, simple lunch that just hit the spot.

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