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Spring Flowers and a hand made card

The Spring is visibly here and M & I love being outside more and more. Today we visited our favorite book store Barnes & Nobles for a bit, where M played with the trains in the play area and I glanced a bit at Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Arts. One of the item was a nice flower made out of colored tissue paper. I have so much gift bag tissue paper left over, I did not mind using up some for some new inexpensive room decor.

I know we have made these when we were in school, but I guess ever since never thought of actually attempting to make some.

Just lay 8 sheets of colored tissue paper, I used shades of green & white; and fold an inch on one side and then fold on the alternate side; such that when you open it up, it should look like a fan. When you have folded, tie in the middle with some tie outs/ wire; whatever you can get hold of. Round the two edges with scissors and make a small vertical cut in the middle of the each edge. And then gently open up the layers of colored tissue. You can place it in a vase, in a large bowl; you can vary the sizes using a smaller size of colored paper. These can be used as party decorations hanging from the ceilings like flower pompoms…Just use your imagination.

I have always been in awe of people who make things with their own hands, anything! Inspired by that thought, I recently made a birthday card, using whatever decorative paper, cutouts and stickers and ribbon I had. My suggestion to those who taking pride in creating stuff themselves, save every bit of decorative material. Over the years, you will gather so much and you can use it to create whatever the heck you fancy making.

Hope you are enjoying the weather !!

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