"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique" – A Walt Disney Quote

A “Storied” Home

“By providing a more “storied” home, you will become a more creative, communicative family” Lisa Lipkin; Author of Bring the Story Home: The complete guide to storytelling for parents.

Just a book is nothing at all these days. With all the sales going on I could only be happy after I bought  Eleven books for M. These nice little picture books, each telling a simple story are just so cute to look at. Imagine snuggling with your child under the blankets and being all cozy with a cup of cocoa and just reading, while your child listens and looks at you and the book.

Yeah, but for me right now, It’s only Imagine !! My child is very high spirited toddler who just cannot stand still for a minute. While going through some of the parenting resources, I came across this article that I think will really come handy. I’m posting a link to it here if you are interested.

It’s Story Time By Alice Sterling Honig, PhD

Here’s another article I thought that was particularly good for us Mom’s who may fancy inventing stories and rely more and more often on their imagination and creativity than external devices to entertain.

Mommy, Tell me a Story! By Jill U Adams

One of the ideas that I really liked from one of the article I linked to above, is to get a few magazines, cut up a few pictures and build a story together. For instance a boy eating ice-cream or a girl chasing bubbles or froggies jumping in the lake…I’m sure you could whip up something yummy and this could be such a great game to play as well at a Birthday party or something, wouldn’t it?

Pictures of a few book I bought today.

Have a great day !!

A Mean Son?

Today evening, we just wanted to go hang out at our regular Barnes & Nobles; they have a standard kids area and all – So, ofcourse M loves it there.

As M & I were reading the story of two little duckies, a 4th grader girl came and sat very comfortably with M& I. I continued to read the story with the impression that maybe she was interested in listening to the story. But, not really.

Instead she started a story of her own, how she was there with her grandmom & has 2 sisters; the youngest being around 2. And then she asks me is your son mean to you? I was surprised by the question. I asked her, why do you ask?

She replied and said – well my two year old pulls my hair all the time and evertime I sit to watch TV, she comes and blocks my view and gives me a big grin.

So I tell her – well they are small, you know and they don’t understand completely that you are annoyed, but they do that mostly to get your attention. Your younger sister loves you a lot, that’s why she does that.

Then she told me – Well thanks for explaining it to me, everytime I complain to my mom, my mom just tells me, “You just have to wait; it will be fine.” And then her grandmom came and got her.

I was just sitting there trying to recapture the whole thing; it just occurred to me that kids need better answers than “It’s Fine”; “It will be OK” etc.. Other than the fact that I really enjoyed talking to the 4th Grader, I learnt that as my son grows, I need to make sure that I spend time in giving him satisfying and meaningful answers.

It is just so important in their Development !!

Grow Grow Grow

I have been believing that I don’t have a green thumb at all and then with my 2 year old I saw this Tigger and Pooh episode “Darby the Plant Sitter”  – When Rabbit goes on a trip, he asks Darby to take care of his garden. Darby happily agrees to the job and puts her best effort into the task, but begins to worry that she’s not a good plant-sitter. She notices a certain group of plants that have only leaves and don’t otherwise appear to be growing. She decides to call together the Super Sleuths to come up with ways to make the plants grow. It was such a cute episode…It almost inspired to try again and I went and bought some seeds & plants.

After  regular watering and taking care, we have with us tons of chillies green ones and beautiful red ones, couple of green bell peppers and some sweet tomatoes. I have to say – Thanks Darby, Tigger & Pooh and can’t forget my hubby, who watered my plants everyday  while I was away in India. I named this post after a song that played in this episode “Grow, grow, grow…”

“Uh oh…..gotta go!!”

Yes, we are trying……maybe not as hard as we ought to….but we are on our way.

We got this new potty training magnetic chart on which we stick reward tokens if we demonstrate any interest in using the potty or are actually able to do our business there :)

I think its a pretty effective tool; its just amazing how such little kids understand the meaning behind rewards.

Based on what I read and learnt so far about Potty Training, I want to capture that:

Let’s go, Choose a Potty !!!

Take your child to the store with you and let him pick. That way, they are already friends :). Demonstrate to them various parts of the potty, such as the seat and the flusher; show them the works. Your child can even sit on the potty a few times with his pants on, so he knows he won’t fall in. To make him feel even more comfortable during this time, read him a book about using the potty or sing songs together.

Listening to the body

Help your child listen to his body and recognize the feeling he gets right before he has to go to the bathroom. When he gets that feeling, emphasize that he should stop doing whatever he is doing and say, “Uh-oh, gotta go!”. I think this is the hardest part of all. Praise him for even the small accomplishments, such as recognizing the feeling that he has to go.

Wipe, Flush, and Wash

Keep a potty routine as your child is getting started. Help him learn and follow the steps of using the potty. Remind him that after going pee pee or poo poo, he needs to wipe with a little bit of toilet paper. Then he needs to flush. At first, he can help you press the flusher down. Over time, encourage him to press the flusher on his own. Finally, after using or even touching the potty, remind him to wash his hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or as long as it takes to sing the ABC song twice.

Keep Trying

Never scold or punish your child while he is learning to use his potty. All children have accidents, so remember to stay patient and use gentle reminders to encourage success. Help your child regain confidence by saying, “That’s okay. Next time, you’ll remember to use your potty!” The most important thing is for your child to feel proud of himself and keep trying.

Great Job: Rewarding

Cheerfully praise your child not only for succeeding but also for trying! Continue to reward him with hugs and encouraging words. Let your child know you support him as he learns. Have your child keep track of his own progress by using reward stickers to decorate a blank notebook or a poster chart. Keep this near the potty. Each time he successfully goes, he can place a sticker in his notebook or chart!

When you feel that your child has learned to use the potty on his own, present him with a reward certificate and let him know just how proud you are of his big accomplishment!

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