"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique" – A Walt Disney Quote

Asking for more creativity…plenty of it !!

Most of us have such definite pathways of thought….we have a set method of approaching to challenges…basically we are rotting our brains !!!! what is holding us back from discovering new ideas – where is our curiosity gone? where is our imagination gone? where is that MAGIC, that sparkle????

This blog opens up a new world for me…it is a lesson for me. For me to be more flexible, to think about impossible..to think about stuff not thought….get wild with imaginations..to have fun with crazy ideas….be a child and experiment with new stuff everyday….revitalize my energy !!

As a mother to a new baby, I think it is especially important now..because my darling is going to imitate me, atleast for a few good years until he starts going to higher school and college. I sense that when I am down, M is down, when I’m excited, M is excited. This Diwali when I was attending MY, this past weekend…I had an urge to ask Sri Sri a question… “What should I do different as I am bringing up my baby”..but before I could ask, I had a bunch of different answers already in my mind. For one my state of mind reflects directly on him…..so again, my mind needs to be flexible, curious, creative, imaginative, peaceful, happy….If i’m all that…..well i’m already instilling good qualities in my child by being a better person. If I’m worried, bored, angry, lazy….guess what is going to happen to my child.

And guess what..a lot of new mothers are going to agree with me..we fall short of ideas of how to keep our babies involved…as mother, we cannot be just baby sitters playing just some games with our babies everyday…Let’s make each day different for our baby, each day with some added fun, teaching…lets make it worthwhile for them….We love them lots and lots, don’t we??

3 Years and then a trip….Yay!!

It is simply working out so wonderfully…. I can’t believe that we might be making a trip to India for a good seven weeks and there is so much to do, pack for the trip, buy gifts, plan our visits. And going with M for the first time….. Well, we recently went to Cinti and had enough of a hard time coming back … a typical 6 hour of a trip and took us a good lord freaking 12-13 hours; so I can only imagine how our flight to India is going to be. Anyways, I’m thankful that it is a straight flight from ATL to BOM and we have got good seats, really good seats !

This trip is going to be a good reconnection with relatives, friends, good old school/ college days, pune, bangalore (maybe) and mumbai and the lifestyle there. It is going to be different this time…going first time after marriage…the stay will be kinda divided between my family and A’s family. So it’s going be pretty busy. I’m already starting to think of different things we will be able to do while we are there. I’m going to take M & A to all the cool places I hung out at…While A thinks that Pune is disappointing, I almost want to prove him wrong….he’s been talking about this Harsh bakery for ages and I’ve heard about it from a bunch of other people…yes i want to go there in mumbai…excited about the possibility of being in bangalore…excited about being with my cousins :)…and ofcourse spending more and more time with my mom, dad & K. Really excited.

We are planning a dubai trip – visiting A’s sister and her family..and that thought just gets my spirits going; considering that i have not traveled much in the past year and half due to pregnancy and post partum.

I almost feel like with this trip we are getting ourselves back in the heat of doing stuff and going places. So i hope that this first long trip with M will be lots of fun and encourage us to travel more with M.

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December 2017
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