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‘Yoga’ Highlights

A Yoga Marathon

How many of you guys know that something is just super great for you to do, but heck – end up giving some lame excuses and almost skip it entirely and then later at night brood, Oh how I wish I had just done it. I’m like that with Yoga – I love it, Once I do it – I adore myself for doing it. It makes me feel young and all the great things really.

So I decided to do a Yoga Marathon for 90 days :) Trust me – It is not easy. It is just so tempting to get cozy one of these winter days and sleep in. But I’m going to try to be accountable to myself and now that I just made this public – Oops would it not be such a shame if I could not live up to it :) ….. jokes apart, I’m really excited about this – I don’t think I have ever done Yoga every single day for 90 days. My parents – Mom & Dad gave me a nice kick start, Thank God for such awesome parents !! Last year through winter some of my Yoga friends and myself practiced Yoga every Sunday morning, so this is definitely one step in the forward direction for me and I know my Yoga friends will be proud of me :)

My Yoga marathon started on Nov 1, 2010 and will go through the end of January 2011. If any of you would like to join me one of these days to practice Yoga, just howler – will ya?

If any of you are curious, what Yoga routine I follow or practice, please take a look at this link: http://www.ashwinikhadkikar.com/yoga

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