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Can you hear what isn’t being said?

As I sit back tonight and think, I feel that “Peter Drucker’s quote is so relevant in our everyday lives “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. “Body language, nonverbal communication and listening to “between the lines” is almost becoming really key to the survival of any relationship – personal or business. Being able to manipulate your reactions or atleast having the benefit or a choice to do so immediately puts you in a better position. I’d just say in today’s world of social networking active listening and eventually knowing your audience will avoid having to deal with hot mess of stress and confusion.

Just giving an example of the movie “The Social Network” – I mean how could the Winklevoss Bros. not figure sooner that Mark was pushing aside their emails, delaying work on ConnectU until after he could get Facebook off the ground? Knowing what a phenomenal coder he was, it was quite obvious something was cooking, No?

Recognizing the ABC’s and the 123′s

It has been a few weeks now that M has perfected his Alphabet and Number recognition skills. He learnt how to say the Alphas and numbers pretty early on, but helping them recognize them…let’s just say it takes a little bit of time for every kid. Or it almost does not if you know what the best learning tools for your kid are.

Ooh, Did we a have a fun time facilitating M’s learning of his ABC’s and 123′s. There were lots of Oops and wow’s and the process is worth remembering :). M is the type of kid and one amongst many others who are like that I’m sure, where traditional teaching just does not make sense.

We tried to introduce the Alphabet and number Abacus – and M did not even peek at it for a bit. It is almost like he did not even care for it. He loved to rotate the cubes and toss the abacus here and there, but that’s it.

Then we tried the Board Block Books, but heck M would open them, look at the pictures -  and then THE END – Letters – Really? who the hell cares?

So these were tossed into the closet.

The next came the Alphabet and number puzzle. Usually we would introduce these to improve motor skills and teach the kids how to hold these pegs with two fingers. Oh yeah, M mastered that pretty quickly. He knew which letter fitted where – so he had great skills understanding the shapes of these things – Analytical, should I say? But Letters —blah..No..I don’t care what a R looks like or what a Y looks like.

The Alphabet Flash Cards – Mom, why are you bothering spending all that money – I’m just going to simply twist these, scribble with crayons on these – Ooh I just love abstract ART :) — So no luck with these !!

What did miracles was this !!

Yup, a laptop learner. It is made by Circo and I think we purchased ours from Target. – It essentially does the same thing you and I would do by holding up a foam letter “P” and asking – Which letter is this? and if the child gets it “Good Job” or if he doesn’t “Uh..Oh, this is letter P; let’s try another letter” and keep repeating until they get it. We even tried to play games like arrange all the foam letters and (M – go jump on letter “G”)…This sort of worked, but definitely not as good as the laptop.

I guess as humans, we lose our patience and move on to doing other things, but it just amazed me the speed at which M started recognizing his letter after we brought the Computer.

My take on 'Love Happens'

With a cup of coffee in my hand, I sat thinking that this would be a nice romantic comedy that will take my mind away from my sniffles and the crap that comes with it. It turned out to be a completely different movie – it was more of a psychological drama; A hypocrite (literally) trying to help people out; a self-help author – while he remained extremely unhappy and messed up from inside.

Jennifer Aniston owns a flower shop and I think the best part of the movie is her lovely, fresh flowers and the flower arrangements – they were beautiful. She also secretly writes some complicated SAT vocabulary words behind the paintings on the wall. Rather Quirky !! The only other thing I loved about this movie is the Parrot – A beautiful white parrot probably entertained more than both the actors together :)

I think Jennifer’s character was definitely undercooked in the movie, since it revolved mostly around this self-help author. Personally, I feel there was no spark or chemistry between the two, no excitement – that you would expect in a typical Rom-Com. Anyways, it was a Tuesday night. What else could you expect on a week night. The fact that we could catch a movie since my son slept early was in itself a treat.

Should you watch the movie? – - Any guesses?

Finished a book..phew

So I finally finished a book that I had bought for A. My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma (a blogger). It was his first book. I think it was a very good attempt, smartly written !! Although he keeps referencing back to his own blog (India Uncut) which is completely unnecessary in my opinion.

It has got the elements of an interesting read – romance between a hindu journalist and a muslim girl who just lost her father in a police encounter, a police officer who kills the muslim girl’s father assuming that he is one of the gangster, and the journalist boy who is on the crime scene; pushed by his Crime Beat boss to write “Man Bites Dog” story instead of “dog bites man” (I really liked this phrase) …the journalist gets a chance to write a profile on the muslim girl’s father and the police officer…. his sympathy’s are with both, although he knows that the girl’s father is innocent and the police encounter was a mistake !! But it is intereting to see how the young journalist falls into a morally difficult situation in the end…

I think it is a very witty and though provoking book… touches on the ethics of journalism. It is very intriguing when the police officer explains how the Government is the biggest Underworld, and how the cops want to transfer to the department where they get the biggest haftas !!

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