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‘Photography’ Highlights

Ofcourse, we have candy !!!

Halloween – such an interesting festival that is celebrated. On this one day, there’s so much of spirit all around you, literally (lol..) – Jack O Lanterns ! Haystacks with pumpkins on top ! Neighbors and friends dressed as witches and cowboys and fairies and pumpkins and ladybugs and superheroes. Amazing !

There’s definitely magic in the night when the pumpkins glow in the moonlight. We love to drive in the neighborhoods to see all the Halloween decor.

My kids, being 2 and 5; there was a lot of excitement; my little girl was dressed as a “Ladybug” and my 5 year old hero was dressed as a “Power ranger”. There were parades in their schools and since the weather cooperated with us on the 31st; we hung out on our porch handing out some candy while the kids went trick or treating.

Inspired by a friend’s “pumpkin decorating contest”; I went mini pumpkin shopping and got my kids and even my dad & hubby to help me out with pumpkin painting. End Result was a cute little caterpillar.

Eventually, all the mini pumpkins landed in goody/ treat bags that were handed out in school.

My son enjoyed making owls out of a brown paper bag at school and a bunch of these paper bag owls got displayed outside their classroom. I’m always amazed by the creativity of school teachers and how they come up with neat ideas for every little ocassion.

Pictures are posted below.

Green is for “Go”……Go Green !!

There are so many extraordinary ways to come together and work to make a difference to the Planet Earth. Infact, if you look up; this Earth Day there were more than a 100 million acts and each one of these acts was an inspiration to ordinary individuals to spur action against climate change and Earth’s crises.

My mini contribution was to take my family to the Chattahoochee Nature Center for their “Earth Day Kids Fest with Captain Planet Foundation” event. It was not a direct contribution to the nature; but just being for such awareness raising fun events , I think it brought us nature loving people one step closer to realizing – How with all our busy lives and routines, we just take our Mother Earth for granted and fall short in giving back the love it gives us.

My 3 year old son enjoyed the visit a lot. He learnt a few fun projects to help the planet. Along with him, we did too.  There were many interactive booths and exhibits from local groups and environmental organizations.

There was one indoor exhibit, that I know he loved a lot. It was a theme relating to water conservation. There was a nice demonstration of how clouds provide with rain water and how rain water falls into this metal basin, representing a river and finally accumulates into bigger water bodies; and how dams help control how much water accumulates. Additionally, they try to demonstrate how a faucet left open carelessly wastes such an important resource and necessity t mankind. Being a 3 year old, I’m not sure how much he retained; but he just loved exploring how the rain water sprinkled down everytime he pulled the lever and flows down the metal basin into a bucket that was kept at the exhibit. Then he tried to pull the second lever that activated the dam concept and stopped the water from flowing down. I thought it was a very nice and simple exhibit explaining such a key concept.

Another couple of interactive booths that my son enjoyed thoroughly were – Recycling CD’s into crafts. He chose to recycle a CD by making a pretty turtle out of it. The other one was making a bird feeder at another interactive booth; where together my son and the nice lady made cuts into the plastic bottles, and inserted spoons for the birds to sit on and the seeds to falls on. They poured seeds into the bottle and then tied a string to the mouth of the bottle and closed the cap. The bird feeder was ready to be hung on the tree.

I think it was a super idea to get up on a Saturday morning and venture out to the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Kudos to all the organizers for such a fun event and raising awareness. What made it even more fun was a school bus ride from a school parking lot to the center. My son was so excited to sit in the school bus and look outside; he sang “wheels on the bus go round and round” and made other kids sing with him….I think it was a Splendid morning !!

Go Green !!

Of cupcakes and cravings

Spring themed cupcakes was my part of the task for a friend’s baby shower who is expecting a girl. In my mind I said ” Think Pink. Ladybugs. Flowers. Petals. Elegant. Eye-catching.” I absolutely enjoyed every minute of making and decorating these darlings. The cupcake liners, the edible flowers and ladybugs are all from Michael’s. I took a few pictures to capture the memories; certainly, there’s nothing better than sharing a smile and a lovely cupcake with a friend.

A very humor filled poetry that I found on cupcakes, that I could not resist sharing here; It so brought out the true sentiments in me as I write this post. Hope that we all have many such cupcake rich days !!

I miss my cupcake, where has it gone
i wish it were here, at the wave of my wand
we’ve been through a lot, we were together til the end
i was even there to help him, when my friends ate his friends.
im the one who gave him life, he was created by my hands
i dressed him up in sprinkles , it was the cupcakes latest trend
where could he be hiding, i cant find him at all
but wait i see a sprinkle trail, leading down the hall
i followed it with joy, cause i thought i finaly found him
what i found was a murder, what a ghastly aweful sin
i began to look for the killer, but just couldnt find him
i turned and saw a mirror, there were crums upon my chin….

Some of my favorite pictures – SF trip over Christmas 2009

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