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‘Food’ Highlights

Daal Khichdi

It’s devoured by everyone at home, it’s therapeutic, they gobble it up and before I can think of packing up some up for next day’s lunch, it’s gone. It is my all time favorite. A simple, but yet so satisfying… just plain old DAAL KHICHDI.

A working mom, who very often has 10 hour working days, like many of my friends and colleagues, I’m always looking for these quick recipes old or new, that can be made in 10 minutes max and yet do not include any processed foods.

The quick recipe, a one pot meal
I wash rice and moong daal or masoor daal (1:1 proportion) thoroughly to remove any preservatives added. I chop tomatoes, spinach or methi, sometimes onions and cilantro. Next I use ghee for tadka, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, pinch of asafoetida, turmeric powder. I add the chopped veggies and once semi cooked, I add the daal and rice together. I add tons of water that’s needed to cook the rice and daal and then more to keep it soupy. To that then, I add up cumin powder, red chili powder, salt, some rasam powder or sambar powder; whatever i have on hand. Cook it all up, add lemon juice and tada… its all done. Serve in bowls topped with loads of ghee.


2015 has just been in its entirety crazy busy, it is probably one year in many many years, that my job has taken over a lion share of this year. Having put aside a lot of things that are on my mind and waiting to be done, fact that I’ve gotten around blogging this little piece is certainly an encouraging indication.

More posts coming soon.

Strawberry Fields Forever….

Photos: Courtesy Amalesh Panse

No Need for a bowl or a silver spoon

Sugar or spice or cream

Plump and Juicy Strawberries from the fields

Are no less than a beautiful Dream……

Let me take you down

‘Cause we went to the Strawberry Fields !

Eat a few or eat more

Eat on the fields or take them home

We screamed happily till our voices went sore

Those few hours, the fields truly felt like home.

Let me take you down

‘Cause we went to the Strawberry Fields !

Of cupcakes and cravings

Spring themed cupcakes was my part of the task for a friend’s baby shower who is expecting a girl. In my mind I said ” Think Pink. Ladybugs. Flowers. Petals. Elegant. Eye-catching.” I absolutely enjoyed every minute of making and decorating these darlings. The cupcake liners, the edible flowers and ladybugs are all from Michael’s. I took a few pictures to capture the memories; certainly, there’s nothing better than sharing a smile and a lovely cupcake with a friend.

A very humor filled poetry that I found on cupcakes, that I could not resist sharing here; It so brought out the true sentiments in me as I write this post. Hope that we all have many such cupcake rich days !!

I miss my cupcake, where has it gone
i wish it were here, at the wave of my wand
we’ve been through a lot, we were together til the end
i was even there to help him, when my friends ate his friends.
im the one who gave him life, he was created by my hands
i dressed him up in sprinkles , it was the cupcakes latest trend
where could he be hiding, i cant find him at all
but wait i see a sprinkle trail, leading down the hall
i followed it with joy, cause i thought i finaly found him
what i found was a murder, what a ghastly aweful sin
i began to look for the killer, but just couldnt find him
i turned and saw a mirror, there were crums upon my chin….

Carrot Ginger Soup

For a nice cold night like tonight’s a hearty soup cannot fail you. So I called A, “Hey let’s have soup & a nice nutty crunchy bread for dinner”. Quick came the answer – “Yeah a Knorr instant soup sounds good, Do we have bread at home?” Nope, wasn’t surprised at all !!

I was determined to have a homemade soup for dinner tonight, so the Knorr idea was tossed out very quickly – Yup, a hot bowl of carrot ginger soup with some yummy bread, that’s what I had in mind. So we went to Harry’s and picked up Carrots, Onions, Ginger, Vegetable stock and some Bread – yeah, we seemed to be out of all our basic grocery.

On a different note, it’s such a great feeling to be outside these days, happy people, festive decor, the bakery was smelling of freshly baked goods, beautifully wrapped chocolates, cookies and cakes…hmm why isn’t it Holiday time all through the year?

So Here’s what I did to make the Fresh and Lovely Soup -

Scraped of the peel of 4 Big carrots and chopped them, cube sized
Finely chopped half an Onion
A few small pieces of Ginger, I peeled out the skin and chopped it finely
A couple cloves of garlic, finely chopped them
A couple cups of Vegetable stock
Salt for taste
Red Chili Powder
1/4 cup milk

Add oil to the pot and saute onions, garlic and ginger. You could also use butter to make it richer. After the onions turn golden brown, throw in the chopped carrots and let them cook for a couple of minutes and then add a couple cups of vegetable stock. After the carrots are tender, turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down for 5-10 minutes. Puree the cooled down mixture and add that back to the pot. Some salt for taste and some red chili powder for heat and then add 1/4th cup of milk. Stir and Bring to boil. You’re Done !!

I recommend not adding any other spices, because the ginger has such an intense flavor in the soup, you don’t want to lose it at all.

This made about a good 4 cups of soup – I added some butter to each cup, you can add chives or fresh basil or cilantro to the soup if you like, I didn’t add any. We had the soup with this lovely bread A got home – It was a whole wheat bread with pumpkin, poppy and sesame seeds. Slapped some Garlic butter on the Toasted Bread and there’s a meal I would say just about anyone would crave for, esp. when its freezing outside.

Stay Warm you all out there !!

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