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Daal Khichdi

It’s devoured by everyone at home, it’s therapeutic, they gobble it up and before I can think of packing up some up for next day’s lunch, it’s gone. It is my all time favorite. A simple, but yet so satisfying… just plain old DAAL KHICHDI.

A working mom, who very often has 10 hour working days, like many of my friends and colleagues, I’m always looking for these quick recipes old or new, that can be made in 10 minutes max and yet do not include any processed foods.

The quick recipe, a one pot meal
I wash rice and moong daal or masoor daal (1:1 proportion) thoroughly to remove any preservatives added. I chop tomatoes, spinach or methi, sometimes onions and cilantro. Next I use ghee for tadka, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, pinch of asafoetida, turmeric powder. I add the chopped veggies and once semi cooked, I add the daal and rice together. I add tons of water that’s needed to cook the rice and daal and then more to keep it soupy. To that then, I add up cumin powder, red chili powder, salt, some rasam powder or sambar powder; whatever i have on hand. Cook it all up, add lemon juice and tada… its all done. Serve in bowls topped with loads of ghee.


2015 has just been in its entirety crazy busy, it is probably one year in many many years, that my job has taken over a lion share of this year. Having put aside a lot of things that are on my mind and waiting to be done, fact that I’ve gotten around blogging this little piece is certainly an encouraging indication.

More posts coming soon.

5 mile mountain run

When the kids and husband are asleep, I love to get out quietly and escape for run or a hike in the woods and soak in my first rays of morning sunshine. Today was such a day. I tried the 5 Mile loop around the Kennesaw mountain. I thought it would a smooth leveled plain trail around the mountain, but the trail felt like a mountain in itself. I ran most of it; so by the time I was done – I was completely wiped out.

It is a beautiful wooded trail and can be done even mid-day. You get the pleasure of hiking, running and walking and if you are lucky you can see some deer poop and deer.

Georgia is such a beautiful state with so much to offer for nature lovers, runners, hikers and bikers. I am attaching a couple of links below; especially the few trails I enjoyed the most this summer.

Kennesaw Mountain Trails

Tallulah Gorge State Park

Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Ofcourse, we have candy !!!

Halloween – such an interesting festival that is celebrated. On this one day, there’s so much of spirit all around you, literally (lol..) – Jack O Lanterns ! Haystacks with pumpkins on top ! Neighbors and friends dressed as witches and cowboys and fairies and pumpkins and ladybugs and superheroes. Amazing !

There’s definitely magic in the night when the pumpkins glow in the moonlight. We love to drive in the neighborhoods to see all the Halloween decor.

My kids, being 2 and 5; there was a lot of excitement; my little girl was dressed as a “Ladybug” and my 5 year old hero was dressed as a “Power ranger”. There were parades in their schools and since the weather cooperated with us on the 31st; we hung out on our porch handing out some candy while the kids went trick or treating.

Inspired by a friend’s “pumpkin decorating contest”; I went mini pumpkin shopping and got my kids and even my dad & hubby to help me out with pumpkin painting. End Result was a cute little caterpillar.

Eventually, all the mini pumpkins landed in goody/ treat bags that were handed out in school.

My son enjoyed making owls out of a brown paper bag at school and a bunch of these paper bag owls got displayed outside their classroom. I’m always amazed by the creativity of school teachers and how they come up with neat ideas for every little ocassion.

Pictures are posted below.

Strawberry Fields Forever….

Photos: Courtesy Amalesh Panse

No Need for a bowl or a silver spoon

Sugar or spice or cream

Plump and Juicy Strawberries from the fields

Are no less than a beautiful Dream……

Let me take you down

‘Cause we went to the Strawberry Fields !

Eat a few or eat more

Eat on the fields or take them home

We screamed happily till our voices went sore

Those few hours, the fields truly felt like home.

Let me take you down

‘Cause we went to the Strawberry Fields !

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